Review – Everybody Wanted Room 623

Psychologist Julie West went to Cartledge Inn in response from an urgent call from one of her clients, Stefan Lauber, a supposedly reformed criminal recently released from prison. But when Julie arrives at the Inn, a near hysterical desk clerk tells her that Stefan has been murdered.

Now everyone is trying to get into Stefan's room, number 623, searching for diamonds that allegedly might be hidden in that room. The police have already examined the room, but others broke in and ransacked it.

Another murder and suspicious activities abound. What is the secret of Room 623?

Everybody Wanted Room is book two in the Everybody's a Suspect series, but it easily stands alone. It seemed everyone that came into the Inn was a suspect, and it was rather entertaining trying to guess which one was the murderer. Having read Mr. Murphey's previous book, I had an idea what to expect, but I was still taken by surprise.

I enjoyed reading Everybody Wanted Room. This is another excellent cozy mystery from the Spyglass Lane Mysteries line up. The characters are well developed and there are enough twists and turns to keep the story interesting. While not as funny as some of the others, this is still a wonderful story. Don't miss Everybody Wanted Room 623.

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